Tennis & Pickleball

The Yakima Country Club has four tennis and pickleball courts. 


  1. It is the responsibility of each member to know the court rules and priorities outlined here.
  2. Do not cross other courts, either in front or behind the baseline, or retrieve balls from adjacent courts while play is in progress.  Wait until play ceases momentarily, then retrieve your ball or request that it be hit to you.
  3. Do not strike or lean against the net.
  4. Tennis courts are for tennis and pickleball only.  No other games are allowed on the courts.  Dispose of all litter, including tennis ball can lids, in nearest receptacle.
  5. It will be required that all players wear regulation tennis clothing.  Colors are permitted.  Obvious dress violations will be handled by the pro and rules committee.  Be discreet in your choice of clothing before entering the courts.
  6. Full rubber-soled white tennis shoes must be worn on courts at all times.  Street shoes are absolutely forbidden on the courts.
  7. Courts must be relinquished to waiting players, if no other court is open, at the conclusion of 2 sets of singles or 3 sets of doubles.  Rallying should be limited to 10 minutes, when players are waiting for courts.
  8. Guests:  Members only will have the right to entertain guests under the following rules.
    • A member may have the same resident guest not more than two times any one year.  A non-resident guest is one who lives 60 miles or more from Yakima.
    • Members are responsible for any indebtedness of guest.
  9. Hours of Operation:  Seasonal – open at 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.