Senior Golf


The Yakima Country Club is a private member owned Club and is not open to the public.  We offer four distinctive membership categories: Senior Golf, Intermediate Golf, Jr. Golf and Social memberships.  We have a spring special on Social Memberships.  For details please call the main office as well for information on initiation fees and current dues please call the Clubs Office at 509-453-0363.

Membership is by invitation only.  
No applicant shall have a right to membership in the club.  No applicant shall become a member except by submission of the written application form signed by the applicant, sponsor and co-sponsor each of whom shall be a member of the club in either Senior or Intermediate classification.  After investigation of the application by the Board to the extent it deems advisable, an affirmative vote by the majority of the board is required for election.

Thank you, 
The Board of Trustees of The Yakima Country Club
Yakima Country Club 

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