Age: Must be 21 years or older.


Quarterly Dining Room Assessment
In order for us to offer a first class dining room experience to our membership, it is necessary to charge a quarterly dining room assessment.  This amount helps keep the overhead of running a first class dining operation to a small membership in check.  If you come to the club and spend the full amount of the quarterly assessment on food, you will not see any assessment billed on your last monthly statement of the quarter.  However, any amount that is spent per quarter less than the dining room assessment, that difference will be billed.

Social members have the privileges of Senior members, except:

  1. no voting rights.
  2. no golf or golf guest privileges.
  3. no reciprocal club privileges. 

Never in YCC history have we had as much value in a Social Membership as we do now. 

Social Programs: 

Call detailed information please call 509-453-0363